Your partner in salon
point of sale.
For stylists and
Easy, organized

The only Salon App you’ll need.

A free and user friendly POS system designed specifically for small salons,
self-employed hair stylists, and beauty technicians.

Simple & Clean

Book appointments with ease and see side-by-side views of monthly, weekly, and daily schedules for multiple employees.

No Fees

The Bestie app for iPad is completely free to use and does not require the purchase of any external hardware to function.

Business Analytics

Keep track of business with easily navigable sales reports. View and search salon sales by employee, client, or menu item.

Free Reminders

Bestie dramatically reduces the frequency of no shows by sending your clients automatic appointment reminders through email and text message.

Easy appointment management.

Organize and assign your salon services without any hassles. Bestie’s intuitive design lets you easily double book appointments and view multiple employee schedules.

Convenient for stylists and managers.

Clearly view daily/monthly commissions while processing retails sales, keeping track of inventory, and viewing which of your services are most popular on a given day, week, or month.

Every feature you want.

Bestie offers all of the tools you need to stay on top of your appointments.

Easy to Use Service Management

Create and organize new services in a few simple steps. Easily search for these services and utilize the “quick link” function to add them to a ticket.

Seamless Sales Process

Clients can checkout with cash or credit and receive receipts by email.

Employee & Customer Histories

Save your clients’ information to view the services they’ve purchased in the past while keeping track of your employees’ service and retail sales.

"So far, I am LOVING this app. Simple and much fun. I can easily book appointments and Bestie sends reminders to my clients. "

− Abigail C.

" Bestie is the best salon app I have ever used. It makes my life so much easier. And it’s FREE."

− Elizabeth R.


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